so who i am? who do i think i am to pronounce my judgement on these desi eats?

well, all you need to know is that i am a 24 year old female who has been living in nva for two years, and before that, in d.c. for four years.

i grew up in nyc (in one of the boroughs not the city) and i enjoy both north and south indian food.

i’m not claiming to be an authority, and i’m certainly no great cook, but if you are a frequenter of desi eats, i’m sure you occasionally (at the very least) find yourself frustrated with the service/quality/freshness/variety/etc… offered at the desi eats in this area.

if that’s true, then i think you’ll like this blog. my plan is to offer honest and simple reviews without the hype/entrancement of the “exotic spices” and “sensuous aromas” often found in mainstream reviews.

thanks for visiting and keep coming back!

GimmeSwadisht Eats

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